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Maintenance Trip Feb 2014 Part 2: More snow.. and a drive around the Observatory

posted by Dan on 24 March 2014

This blog post is going to be a bit of a cheat as I haven't had time to prepare something more substantial. This week I've got some videos for you. On the last trip we filmed the whole of our commute up the mountain in the snowy conditions. I have made a couple of short clips which I hope you all enjoy.
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Maintenance Trip Feb 2014 Part 1: Ice, snow and operating the telescope

posted by Dan on 11 March 2014

We have now returned to the UK from our first maintenance trip of 2014. The maintenance trip will be memorable for us for a number of reasons. A lot happened on the trip so instead of a single round up post, I will spread the news over a number of posts in the coming weeks.
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