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Introducing - video

posted by Antonio on 19 April 2013

We have just launch a new youtube video introducing the redesigned, to support our advertising campaign! From beginners to experts, our vision is to create a simple and easy website accessible to all ...


Astronomy News: Last Chance to See Jupiter

posted by Sarah on 10 April 2013

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system with its distinctive pattern of red and white bands, will cease to be visible from our latitude at the end of April and won't reappear until August.
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Telescope Downtime

posted by Dan on 10 April 2013

Over the last few days we have seen pointing errors in the images being returned from the telescope.
In the next couple of days we are planning to take the telescope offline for a part of the night to investigate the problem and perform a mapping run. We will aim to bring the telescope back on-line before the end of the evening.


Object of the Month: The Whirlpool Galaxy

posted by Sarah on 9 April 2013

The Whirlpool Galaxy or Messier 51 is one of the more spectacular astronomical objects that can be photographed by the Telescope.

Composite RBG, H-Alpha and Clear images taken with the BRT

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Website unavailable this Saturday 23rd March 2013

posted by Chris on 20 March 2013

The web site will be unavailable this Saturday from 5am until the evening (UK times).
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Chris is Changing

posted by Chris on 10 February 2013

The time has come for the web site to start paying its way.

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